Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phones. The exchange of these images through digital media allows sharing to become instantaneous to the masses. With the rise of sexting within schools and work environments, it has caused several problems. It has resulted in damaging the careers and reputations of the individuals, as well as, working, academic, and romantic relationships.  Sexting may seem like a simple text message exchanged between two people, however, once an image is in digital form its capable of being forwarded and shared with an entire community, school or university. A message that was meant for private eyes can be seen by fellow students, coworkers, colleagues. More recently sexting isn’t just an innocent flirting but an issue of infidently.

 The Effects of Sexting on Relationships:

Most common sexting usually occurs between a couple that is dating or romantically involved. However, sexting has become a new form of cheating.

Although it doesn’t involve physical contact the emotional impact on the relationship can be equally as damaging. Infidelity once consisted of suspicious perfume and late night work “meetings” however, sexting has made cheating more accessable, sometimes from a individual’s own couch.

According to Paula Hall, a psychotherapist, “The defence is that it involves nothing sexual not even touching. But there’s a deceit and a breach of trust. The participants are playing with fire.'” 

In addition, sexting isn’t just for teens. More recently adults have participated in sexting as a means to escape their marriage or relationships. Sexting provides an outlet, escape, or adventure for the indivdual. 

In addition, sexting not only affects romantic relationships but working and social relationships. In Pennsylvania, six high school students are facing child pornography charges after three teenage girls allegedly took nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and shared them with male classmates via their phones.

Sexting and the Negative Effects on Professional Relationships:

There are several cases where pictures were exchanged resulting in child pornography charges.

These charges result in the individual having to register as a sex offender in the community and limiting the number of jobs they can apply for and places they can live.

For many of us our carreers and jobs are an intracrate part of our lives. We go through great lengths to acheive our dream job. Years of schooling, training and prepartaion goes into our careers.

Unforutaunately, many of those endavors can be ruined with in an instant or in this case a ‘sext’ message.  Although we try to keep our private lives, private, what we do off the clock and out of the office does effect our careers. In additon, a mistake made 15 years old can haunt someone for the rest of their lives.

 In many cases students and teens are charged with child pornography charges. These charges lead to registering as sexual offender. This follows someone for the rest of their lives and affect where the can work and where they can live. Lawsuits involving sexting span across the board and sometimes involve children as young as 15.

In addtion, empolers are becoming more savvy to sexting. They are checking company emails, computers, and cell phones to be aware of what their empolyers are doing on the clock . There are several cases of sexual harassment being filed against empoluers and empolyees for conducting inapproraite sexual behavior on company time.

Sexting and your Academic Career:

The majority of those texting are highschool and college aged kids. Many of which are attending colleges and universities. We create social networks, lives and friends all which can be destroyed instantaneously. In the case of Jessie Logan the taunting she received after allegedly sending a nude photo to her boyfriend led to her committing suicide.

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